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Taz(manian devil!) tongue

We here at Cute Animal Tongues continue our quest to get more cute animal tongues adopted!

Taz and his tongue is just too cute! Even better, he is ready to be adopted!

Photos by C.A.T. founder Lisa Maher.

Send in your pictures of cute animals with their tongues sticking out to cuteanimaltongues at gmail dot com.

Remember to check back here at for more pictures of cute (and adoptable!) animals with their tongues sticking out



Tongue Tied

Cute Animal Tongues strives to provide the cutest and most amazing animal tongues for you viewing pleasure.

All of these photos are courtesy of C.A.T.s good friend Kim Phillips.

Stay tuned for more from Cute Animal Tongues!

More kitten tongues!

Because in life you can never have too many kittens! Or too many pictures of cute animal tongues!


These adorable cats are the companion animals of our photographer Win Trainor. As you can tell, these kitties enjoy their H2O!!

If you (or someone you know) has an even BETTER picture or video of your cat or kitten drinking from the faucet, send it to cuteanimaltongues at gmail dot com.

We here at C.A.T can’t wait to see your photos!