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Tongues and Tails

We here at CuteAnimalTongues know we have posted lots of feline pictures but when you have a tongue and tail as cute as this Snow Leopard- how can we resist?!?!  Just look at the size of that tail!

Snow Leopard Tongue and Tail

Snow Leopard Tongue and Tail

Photo by Win Trainor.

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Year of the Tiger

In honor of Chinese New Year here is possibly the best Tiger tongue we have EVER seen! (yes-we are a little late we know…but we here at C.A.T. were on a much needed vacation!)

Year of the Tiger (Tongue!)

Year of the Tiger (Tongue!)

Photo courtesy of Win Trainor.

Sweetie Honey Bear (Tongue)

Two Baby Brown Bears Enjoying Honey

Sticky, Sweet and MESSY Baby Bears

Here is another picture taken by our co-founder Yin.   These two (in our opinion incredibly adorable) bear cubs are having a mid-afternoon snack of honey.

While we here at C.A.T. just LOVE this picture, it was even better in person!  They are too cute!

Winnie the Pooh would be so proud of these little guys!

PS- Learn more about these amazing bears here:

Cute (and LONG) Animal Tongue

Good tongue

Here is fantastic photo of possibly the longest (and cutest) tongue ever!

This is a Muntjac at the Central Park Zoo.  Muntjac’s are a type of deer native to Southeast Asia.

This photo is from one of our photographers, Win Trainor.

Stay tuned for more amazing photos of animals with their tongues sticking out!

Our First Tongue Post!!

Our first tongue!

Welcome to CuteAnimalTongues!

This blog will be dedicated to finding and posting the best pictures of animals with their tongues sticking out!

This photo is courtesy of one of the co-founders of CuteAnimalTongues, Yin Luu.

Keep checking back for more pictures!

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