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Miss Sasha from the Bronx Zoo

Miss Sasha from the Bronx Zoo

Mom was jealous of the babies getting all the attention, so she thought she’d steal the spotlight back!!

Photo by Ned Mapes.


Baby Siberian tiger tongue

Baby Siberian Tigers have debuted at the Bronx Zoo and they quickly debuted their tongues too!!

Photo courtesy of Ned Mapes.

Orange cat with pink tongue!

Halloween is C.A.T.s favorite holiday and what better way to start celebrating than with a pumpkin-orange colored cat and his amazing tongue!

Ollie and his tongue

Ollie and his tongue

Ollie the cat just recently moved to Portland, Oregon. 

Thanks to Jen Sotolongo for this amazing photo!

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Come back to Cute Animal Tongues next week for more pictures of cute animals with their tongues sticking out!!

Tiger Tongue

TWT IMG_1051 BZ Tiger

Tiger Tongue

We can’t decide which we like better: This Tiger’s tongue, eyes or stripes!  Help us decide!

This photo comes to us from our photographer Win Trainor.

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Stay tuned for more amazing photos of animals with their tongues sticking out!

Year of the Tiger

In honor of Chinese New Year here is possibly the best Tiger tongue we have EVER seen! (yes-we are a little late we know…but we here at C.A.T. were on a much needed vacation!)

Year of the Tiger (Tongue!)

Year of the Tiger (Tongue!)

Photo courtesy of Win Trainor.