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Adopt A Cute Animal Tongue Part II

We here at Cute Animal Tongues continue our quest to get more cute animal tongues adopted!

These five kittens (and their mom) are just too cute! And, they are all ready to be adopted.

Photos by C.A.T. founder Lisa Maher.

Be sure to send in your pictures of cute animals with their tongues sticking out to cuteanimaltongues at gmail dot com.

Remember to check back here at for more pictures of cute (and adoptable!) animals with their tongues sticking out.





Adopt A Cute Animal Tongue!

We here at C.A.T. want to help this cute cat tongue get adopted!

We’ll be posting more adoptable tongues soon!

Photo by cat foster parent Meghan Saweikis. If you liked these tongues, be sure to check out her blog: adopt-a-LOL



C.A.T. needs more adoptable tongues! Send your adoptable tongues to cuteanimaltongues at

Be sure to check back here soon for pictures of cute animals with their tongues sticking out!